Belly Binding is an ancient practice with modern benefits.

Are you worried about your postpartum health, returning to your pre-pregnancy weight, restoring your pelvic floor or keeping up with older children after your baby arrives?  Pregnancy and birth require a lot from a mother's body, but postpartum can be a time of health and happiness when you have the right support.  

Bengkung Belly binding is a great way to take care of yourself while you take care of your family.

It is the art of sealing and closing the woman's body, beginning 4 to 5 days after a vaginal birth and 6 weeks after a cesarean birth.  High quality, unbleached cotton muslin is used to wrap around the mom's hips and is wrapped upwards to the top of the rib cage.  Aiding in healing after birth, the wrap provides her abdomen with the constant pressure and support it needs to shrink back to its pre pregnant state more quickly and also provides wonderful back support. 


How will belly binding support my postpartum experience?

There are many benefits to binding after the birth of your baby and include:

  • Retracts abdominal wall muscle and aids in healing diastasis recti

  • Aids in improving posture

  • Stabilizes loosened ligaments

  • Supports the torso while organs return to pre-pregnant size and position

  • Lessens back aches and pains associated with the post-natal period

  • Provides core and back support to reduce slouching when holding and nursing baby

What does the process look like?

  • Within the first 24 hours after your birth, you'll notify Shannon and plans will be made for your session

  • Shannon will arrive for your in-home session and within an hour, your gentle belly bind will be applied

What's included with the $150 session?

  • Your choice of high quality, hand dyed, cotton muslin cloth which is yours to keep

  • Shannon's initial wrapping of the bind

  • Teaching for you and your partner or family member/friend so that you are able to bind yourself at home daily

  • Access to a client only video of Shannon demonstrating the bind so you won't have the pressure to remember all the details at your in home session

  • Phone, Email, Texting support for one week after the initial application of the bind

Gentle Belly Binding Bloomington IL

Your Choice of Color!

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Don't want to purchase a Belly Binding Session, but want to purchase a bind! No problem. Pick one up in my store!

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable, form fitting clothes!  Do not wear anything with buttons or zippers.  If you are a nursing mother, make sure the top of your shirt is easily taken down (a tank top with stretchy straps, for example!).  It is also a good idea to wear a skirt that can be lifted for restroom use, as the bind will begin at the hips, and wrapped over your clothing, making it impossible to remove shirt, pants or shorts.

What if my baby needs to nurse or feed?

That's wonderful!  We can stop at anytime and you are welcome to take as much time as you need to nurse or bottle feed your little one!

How long will I need to wear the bind?

For the most optimal results, you'll want to wear your bind beginning day 4 or 5 postpartum, and continuing to wear it each day for at least 40 days.  The wrap should be on for 10-12 hours a day in the very beginning, if possible.  Women who use the belly binding technique return to their pre-pregnant size in 6-8 weeks.

If you've missed the early postpartum window, that's ok!  Belly binding is effective during any portion of your postpartum time.  It will offer much needed support as your body continues to heal.

Shannon would be honored to help you have a happy and well supported postpartum experience with Gentle Belly Binding.

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This service is offered within a 35 mile radius of Lincoln.  An additional $25 travel fee is applied to those outside that radius.