WHY "Healthy. Educated. Desirable Birth."?

When thinking about and dreaming of the "Why?" of this ministry, I wanted a picture that would be purposeful and clear to my clients.  At first glance I wanted women to know the reason for this work.

Have you ever engaged a product and wondered, "I wonder what that does?" or maybe you've thought, "I wonder if that product really does what it says it will do?"

While I can't guarantee the outcome of your birth, I can help you to prepare for the experience through education and can advocate for your desires during your labor and birth.

My goal as your doula is to help you discover what is healthy for your pregnancy, offer evidence based information to help you become more educated to make informed decisions, so that you can enter your time of labor and birth confident of your desires.  

Helping Mamas like you have a Healthy.  Educated.  Desirable Birth. is my purpose and it's my goal.