trust. nurture. honor. birth.

We at Doulas Etc. believe that birth matters.  
Vaginal birth.  
Cesarean birth.  
Water birth.
Birth in a bed.
Toilet birth. 
All the birthing ways. (#allthebirthingways)

We also believe that in order to improve birth outcomes, we have to be an active participant in the change.
We at Doulas Etc. are engaging in that change every time we join a birth.  
We bring trust. nurture. honor. into the birthing space.  Change happens when families receive trust and are trusted.  We believe moms and families deserve to be honored and nurtured.

We want to spread the word that birth matters.  That laboring moms and families deserve trust in their birthing time and to trust their care providers; to be nurtured and honored.

Our newest shirt says it all!  You can order yours by clicking HERE today!

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