International Doula Month 2017

Doulas improve outcomes.  Research shows it and families' experiences solidify the data!  

May is International Doula Month, a time to recognize the contributions that doulas have made to families.  As a professional doula, I am trained and certified with DONA International and have been educating and supporting families over the last five years in the Central Illinois area.  It's always my joy to come alongside families to help them have a #HealthyEducatedDesirableBirth.

Sometimes that looks like a stand alone prenatal consultation to go over options for birth preferences.  I've had families who just take my 12 hour childbirth education course.  Often times, families hire me for doula care which means we meet prenatally, I attend their birth in a support role, and complete the support with a postpartum visit.  Placenta Encapsulation is another way I support families to have a happier postpartum experience.  

In all the ways I've supported you, I'm so happy to have been a resource, support and encouragement to you during such a unique and rich time in your life!