God's love

As my child, E-man reminds me so often of how God sees me as His child. The last few days E has been putting random toys into a cardboard box, closing the flaps and excitedly bringing it to me to "Shake and guess what it is". All the while, I watched him meticulously pick out the toy and pack/wrap it and present it to me with anticipation in his eyes as to what I'd guess it to be. I loved seeing his giving heart in this. I loved seeing that he was so excited to bring a present to me. I loved seeing his character in this. In the same way, I see myself as God's child, wrapping gifts of loving others, constant giving to my kids, serving my husband, offering words of encouragement to dear friends and on and on and on...Carefully packaged to present them to God as if he didn't already see what was in the gift I was giving. This reminds me that God is more satisfied and pleased with who we ARE than what gifts we give to Him (or to others). So this Thanksgiving, I'm not thankful for the GIVING part. I'm thankful for God's heart for PEOPLE and that he loves us despite the meager gifts we bring to Him.