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#‎WorldDoulaWeek‬ exists to empower doulas all over the world!

I am honored to be in an association of professional doulas who are making definitive impacts in the lives of Central Illinois families through birth work.
Doulas Etc.'s mission is to provide an ongoing discussion on issues relating to pregnancy, birth and family life; offer information on local resources; and maintain a presence in our community in order to promote the well-being of moms, babies, and families.

Professional Doula

Why is it important to hire a professional doula? 

As your doula, I provide education, advocacy and support that untrained partners are not able to.  

I work with you prenatally to equip you with resources that will help your family make evidence based decisions.

During your birth I am present to offer emotional and physical support, while encouraging you in your decisions as your labor progresses.

As you transition into life with your new addition, I am honored to continue providing resources for successful breastfeeding and a healthy postpartum period.

Hire a ‪#‎doula‬! We are worth every dollar you invest!

‪#‎worlddoulaweek‬ ‪#‎doulalife‬

World Doula Week

This is a week to celebrate and empower the work doulas all around the world are doing. 
I want to highlight just how I am impacting physiological birth, supporting families physically and emotional, and improving the health of women, newborns and families right here in Central Illinois.

You will be seeing posts this week about the benefits of having a ‪#‎doula‬ supported birth which include:
Reduction in Cesarean births
Shorter labors
Reduction in use of pain medication
Increase in breastfeeding success
Increase in satisfaction of Mother's birth experience
Reduction of postpartum mood disorders
Increase of new parents’ confidence in the care of their newborn