Shannon knows your birth matters. 

and you matter to shannon. 

She believes in Healthy. Educated. Desirable Birth.

Inspired to professional birth work during her first pregnancy, she became educated.  She researched her options.  She had three very empowered births.  And she wants to help you do the same through providing a variety of birth doula services.

When she realized she wanted other women and families to feel empowered for their births, she trained and became DONA certified, beginning her doula work in 2012.  

Shannon loves supporting families through personalized birth doula services, childbirth education,  placenta encapsulation and gentle belly binding.


doula support

From providing education and resources prenatally, to supporting you through labor, to revisiting your birth experience at the postpartum visit, Shannon is present with you before, during and after your birth.

childbirth education

You want to be prepared for one of the most challenging days of your life.  You'll be pressed physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  This workshop will provide you the tools to have an educated birth.

placenta encapsulation

The postpartum can be a difficult transition to navigate.  With your placenta capsules, you'll have a safe and natural way of helping to ease the troubles many moms often experience.

Shannon is a wife of ten years, mama to three, a recovering coffee drinker and  Jesus follower.  

Birth Doula Central IL


She spends her days taking care of her three littles and caring for her home; inspired to make it a place of warmth, beauty and comfort for her husband, kiddos and the sweetest chocolate Labradoodle named Arlo.  A constant learner, she loves to read non-fiction and enjoys a good mystery novel every now and then.  Her down-to-earth, open personality is an asset to you as she works with you during your childbearing year.  You can meet with Shannon over a cup of coffee or tea for a free, absolutely no obligation consultation.  She would love a chance to meet you and hear about your desires for birth.

Shannon provides you physical, emotional and informational support.


Filling that niche of need before, during, and just after the birth of your baby, Shannon slips into your birth team seamlessly.  From the moment you hire Shannon, she begins equipping you with the tools you will need to enter your birthing day with confidence.  Prenatally, she will give you resources to help you do your research and know your options.  In birth, she will continuously be by your side during active labor until the birth of your sweet babe, reminding you of your goals and helping to meet your physical needs.  She will follow up with you within the first few days after your birth for a postpartum visit.  As a new parent, this postpartum visit is a valuable time during which you can ask questions, revisit your birth experience, and receive guidance through resources and information. 

Your partner knows you best, but Shannon knows birth best. Together, your birth can empower and equip you as you begin your parenting journey.

A member of Doulas Etc., a local doula collaborative that offers backup doula arrangements and community education, Shannon is proud to be engaged in free events hosted at The Birth Center of Bloomington Normal teaching comfort measures for labor. You don’t want to miss having a doula supported birth!


Finding the right doula for your birth team is most important.

See if Shannon is a perfect fit for your big day. 


"Shannon is awesome and passionate and extremely knowledgeable about what she does! She will support you during your pregnancy in a way that your OB GYN absolutely will not do. You need her! She will be with you every step of the way, helping to educate you to make healthy choices, providing balanced, accurate information, and supporting your personal choices...she will empower you to design the best pregnancy and birth possible!!" - Sarah T.


"We had a doula for the birth of our first daughter, so it was no question if we would have one for our second. We met with Shannon and immediately felt comfortable with her. She is very calm and sweet natured. She asked us lots of questions about the type of labor and birth we hoped to have. She sent us extensive literature to follow up with what we had talked about. When the time came to meet our baby, we called to let her know we were in labor and then later called and asked her to come meet us. From the moment she came, I knew we were in good hands. My labor was much faster and more intense this time around. If it weren't for her calming presence and positive affirmations, I'm not sure I would have made it through. She gave me suggestions to try new positions and ideas during labor.  Not only that, but because I knew she was taking such good care of me, I was able to actually relax and sleep a bit through the last few hours of labor! Shannon is a wonderful person and excellent partner to have during pregnancy and through birth!" - Allison B.


"My husband was THE most skeptical person when it came to hiring a doula - but after meeting Shannon he was on board! And after delivery he was convinced that working with a doula is the way to go! This was my first pregnancy and I wanted to make sure everyone in the delivery room was supportive of the kind of birth that I desired - a natural hospital birth. Shannon was SO supportive. During labor she reminded me of the desires I had expressed prior to being in labor (without being pushy or judgmental – just sweet, calm reminders). She made sure we understood the information the hospital staff gave us so that we could make informed decisions for each step of the birthing process. She helped me understand everything that was happening to my body during labor. She also knew how and when to encourage my husband to coach me and she knew when to step in and encourage us herself. Shannon also helped me with positions to help relieve the pain naturally. Having Shannon as a doula helped my husband and I stay calm during one of our most emotional days." - Morgan J.


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Doulas aren't just a good idea.  They're an evidence based one.

statistics show that when a doula attends your birth you are... 

More likely to have a shorter labor with fewer complications, reduction in negative feelings about your childbirth experience, less of a need for pitocin (a labor-inducing drug), forceps or vacuum extraction and cesarean, and can reduce your request for pain medication and/or epidurals.