This is not my first baby, should I still take the Childbirth Education course?
Yes!  Even though you've already had a baby, this course will help prepare you for birth in a way you haven't yet prepared. Because it covers what to expect before and during labor and birth, and shortly afterwards, it is a general course for all expectant parents. This childbirth education course will help prepare you physically and emotionally for your birth experience. 

Will hiring a doula make my partner feel left out?
Absolutely not. Shannon desires to come alongside your partner and help them comfort, encourage, refresh and sustain you throughout your labor.  Shannon will simply aid your partner in being the best they can be for you during your birthing time.  Want to explore more about the relationship between dads and doulas - see this article!

I am planning to have a VBAC.  Does Shannon support VBAC families?

Yes!  Shannon has attended VBAC families and finds their strength and determination bold and beautiful.  Shannon will help to empower you with knowledge on the risks and benefits of VBAC and will remind you of your goals and plans when the road gets tough.  There are great resource for families considering VBAC.

How much are your doula services?
Shannon is an experienced certified birth doula, certified placenta encapsulation specialist, and childbirth educator with seven years of experience supporting women and families as they welcome their babies into the world; she has attended over 60 births and educated many more families. Offering locally competitive rates for her services, she is confident that you will be satisfied with her support package which is $850. You can view her Doula Match profile and explore what previous clients and students are saying about her services.

I know I want an epidural, is a doula for me?
Shannon is able to encourage and empower a mama who desires a medicated birth. If you choose a medicated birth, Shannon can assist you in natural pain management before the medication is administered. She will also be able to help you cope with side effects that may occur because of the pain medications. She will also be able to help during different transition times during your labor and after the birth. 

What if I don't want to have a natural birth?
Shannon's role is not to decide what type of birth you will have, but to assist you in having the birth you desire.  She will help you become informed on your options for pain management in birth and will support you in your choices for birth.  If you choose pain medication, Shannon will offer continual encouragement and support and will help you to deal with possible side effects of the pain medication. 

I want to try for a natural vaginal birth, how can a doula help?
Birth education, working through previous birth experiences, different positions during labor, physical comfort measures, and encouragement and reassurance during labor are all ways in which Shannon will assist you towards your goal of a natural vaginal birth.   

What credentials does Shannon have?
Shannon is a certified DONA International birth doula, Certified APPA Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, and is a member of a central Illinois doula association, Doulas Etc.   

How much will I invest for Shannon's doula care?
Shannon's doula services are $850.
 What if I'm not sure I want someone else at my birth?

Shannon also offers a stand alone, Prenatal Consultation Package if you are seeking guidance & clarity about the process of labor and birth, without the hands on experience of having a doula with you. 

What are the benefits of a doula? 
Studies show that having a doula at your birth...

  • tends to result in shorter labors with fewer complications

  • reduces negative feelings about one's childbirth experience

  • reduces the need for pitocin (a labor-inducing drug), forceps or vacuum extraction and cesarean

  • reduces the mother's request for pain medication and/or epidurals

Another evidence based resource that includes a handout on the benefits of a doula!  Great to take with you to your next appointment with your care provider if you're not sure how to introduce the idea of having a doula at your birth.

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