Perhaps you are not interested in having a doula supported birth, but you do desire to become informed about your options and feel confident about your choices in childbirth.


The prenatal consultation package is just right for you...

You are seeking guidance & clarity about the process of labor and birth, without the hands on experience of having a doula with you. 

Whether you're becoming a mama for the first or have birthed before, this consult package will help you become prepared for this unique childbirth experience. 

If you're a first time mama, you're most likely curious about how to know if you're really in labor, when to go to the hospital, or what to pack in the ever famous hospital bag!  You're probably also curious about pain management options, positions, comfort techniques, and what to expect immediately after baby is born.  This consultation will prepare you with a thorough overview of just those things.

Let's meet together, talk about your expectations, answer your questions, and get you prepared for an experience you will carry with you throughout your life. Meeting with you includes...

  • One 2 hour session

  • Education covering options during labor-delivery-immediate postpartum -- {how to transition easily from home to hospital, positions for labor/delivery, comfort techniques, relaxation strategies, typical labor patterns, pushing positions and what to expect, procedures for your newborn}

  • Concise cheat sheet for stages of labor and what to expect as labor progresses - this is a huge help for partners as they navigate through the journey of labor

  • List of ideas of what to pack in your hospital bag

  • Learn about different tools to help bring comfort during your labor whether you're choosing to deliver naturally or with the comfort of pain management

  • Resources to prepare your own birth plan. You will be able to give the plan to your care provider which communicates your preferences {Email support after the consultation as you tweak your birth plan to perfectly communicate your needs}

This session can be done in a classroom setting in Lincoln -- or conveniently online in the comfort of your own home!


My goal is to help you and your partner have a Healthy.  Educated.  Desirable Birth.  

This package is designed to help you be confident in your choices, knowing what to anticipate, and to help you evaluate your expectations for your birth; become empowered for a birth distinctly your own!

The Prenatal Consultation Package is offered at $120.

I look forward to seeing you become empowered for your birth.


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"We are so GRATEFUL we found Shannon before our daughter joined us! Her one on one class was informative, relaxed and empowering. Shannon's guidance helped us (yes, the dad too!) to have a natural childbirth with confidence and ease. Her handouts for reference, her hands-on teaching and her calm and supportive demeanor all aided in the process. Also the placenta encapsulation was prompt, professional and delivered with great information. Shannon's confidence in our abilities for birthing day was reassuring. She went above and beyond with her support for us and we so appreciate her!" - Laura O.