With over 7 years of experience as a birth doula, Shannon is equipped to support the needs of your family.

As a DONA Certified birth doula, Shannon has been professionally trained and educated to assist mothers and their families in physical and emotional aspects of labor.  

She believes in Healthy.  Educated.  Desirable Birth.

What do Shannon's doula services include?

  • Initial interview with mama and partner (free and no obligation)

  • 2 Prenatal visits, each an hour long, to get to know the family and their wishes. She will assist you in establishing a birth plan, will help you talk through your desire for your partner's role, go through a list of decisions you'll make after baby is born and help answer any questions or fears you may have about your impending birth

  • Phone/Email/Texting support beginning at signing of the contract through the postpartum visit

  • On call availability for your birth two weeks before your due date until your baby is born

  • Uninterrupted support during active labor, the birth and continuing up to 2 hours after birth. A backup doula will be present if an unforeseen circumstance should arise and she cannot attend your labor and birth

  • Follow up postpartum visit within 3-4 days after baby is born

Doula Support: $925

Packages are also available

Meet with her over a cup of coffee.  She would love to hear your heart desires for your birth and allow you to determine if she would best serve your needs for your impending birth.  From positioning to counter pressure, from encouraging words to empowering your partner, Shannon will help you welcome your baby into this world, the way you desire!

Thoughts from previous clients

"Shannon was recommended to us by our doula from our first birth as she could not guarantee availability this time. Shannon slipped into our birth team so seamlessly. We wanted my husband to be my first line of support, and she knew when to watch, when to make suggestions, and when to take a more active role. There were a few times my husband had to leave my side, and she slipped in, holding my hand, or massaging my back. I was so comfortable with her throughout, and I so appreciate that after only meeting a few times. We learned so much from her resources, both in person and on her website. Some of our favorite moments in birth wouldn’t have happened without her! She carries scripture cards for her clients who desire them, which inspired us to write out our own scriptures and meditate on them during pregnancy. My husband was able to read them to me during labor when she suggested it, and the words kept coming back to me when things got hard. A bonus is that we now have amazing pictures from our labor and delivery - a beautiful gift she have given us. Shannon is intuitive, knowledgable, wise and compassionate, and we are thankful for her role in the birth of our son! NOTE to husbands: My husband was very skeptical about hiring a doula for our first pregnancy. He was unsure because of the cost and because we had taken an in depth class, and he wanted to be very involved. But in both of our births, we realized that there are unexpected moments, and when I needed reassuring, he could reassure me as our doula reassured him while still letting him take the lead. He was completely on board for hiring a doula this time, and now he is convinced and supportive of hiring a doula for any future pregnancies. We’ve been blessed to have 2 natural births, and we attribute a large part of that to the doulas who supported us!" - Tara P.


"Shannon was there for us in ways I didn't know I needed her for my son's birth. She seemed to be able to anticipate my needs during my labor. She knew exactly what to ask the nurses when I was I was too exhausted to speak anymore. Her presence brought peace into the delivery room. There were times I was so overwhelmed with pain and exhaustion that I was wasting energy cyring and screaming, but Shannon was able to gently but firmly help me get a grip and keep going. Shannon was also a huge support for my husband during the birth. Shannon provided direction and encouragement for him when he had no idea what to do to support me. There was a moment early on during my labor that Shannon had to step out of the room to get something, and while she was gone my nurse said, "She's one of the good ones." My nurse went on to tell me she has worked with many doulas, and she has not typically been impressed with other doulas. She found she didn't have much to do because Shannon was doing so much. Even after the delivery nurses commented that Shannon stayed and continued to provide support." - Ashley R.


"She praised me on things I was doing well during the process (breathing, moving, relaxing, etc). As I moved to transition and pushing, I began to rely on her more for physical support. She reminded me to drink, take in fluids, and try optimal positions to keep things progressing. Her physical and emotional support continued even after birth as she kept me comfortable during suturing and establishing breastfeeding. My husband is a great birthing partner and wonderful at "coaching", but having Shannon was extremely valuable; especially since this was our first homebirth. She was able to support me in ways that I think only a female birthing professional could, and she did a wonderful job doing so!" - Megan S.